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Garmin Edge 810 GPS Bike Computer

The benefits of being ‘bike fit’ speak for itself. For those who are looking to take cycling more seriously, there are many accessories  like the beloved bike helmet or cycling jersey – which you can use to better increase and track your performance. Garmin Edge 810 GPS Bike Computer is a compact device that allows for the tracking and recording of your cycling routines and training.

Some of its other notable features include:

Cycling Profiles

By filling out data fields and device settings, you can switch between what type of riding profile you want to use for each ride. Whether it is for a work out or just a ride to work you can switch between

Long Lasting Battery life

One of the many features that the 810 has over the other biking computers (including its predecessor the 800) is its battery life. The 810 can keep up with you for 17 hours!

Live Tracking

This allows for real time data from your ride to be easily viewed by your peers. Everything from your location and your route, right down to how fast you are going, your heart rate and the incline of your ride, will be readily accessible to others. To do this you need only connect to the 810 with Bluetooth then, using the Garmin connect app, you can share your ride via email.

Weather reports

The worst feeling is getting caught in bad weather with kilometres still to go. With the 810 by your side the in-built weather forecaster gives you real time updates of weather changes as well as alerts of hazardous riding conditions.

Whilst these are great features, the biggest issue however, are its maps. If you intend on riding in other cities, states and/or countries, you have to buy these maps from the Garmin website. Though the maps are detailed, do you really want to be spending money on more maps?

In essence the Garmin Edge 810 has features that are capable of enhancing your cycling experience and help increase your training potential. While the downside of the mapping system does slightly tarnish what is overall a good product the response from customers has been largely positive due to its easy to use interface and its cutting edge, social network program so much so that trade of for the maps can be reconciled. 

You can find gps odometer reviews here for more detailed information from a real biker.

Top foods to speed up your metabolism

What is metabolism?

This refers to the process by which the body burns up calories to produce energy. These calories are contained in the food consumed. If you consume a high calorie diet, the body gets its energy and stores the excess in form of fat, and that might get you fat. In that case, you need to figure out a way to get rid of the fat.

How to increase metabolism

It’s not rocket science. You simply ditch high carbohydrates for low carbohydrates and supplement your diet with foods rich in protein and fibers. When the body runs out of carbohydrates to burn to get the energy required, it turns on the stored fat instead. Therefore, a higher metabolic rate encourages weight loss, and that’s the point.

So, which foods increase metabolism?

Your food choices factor in very heavily once you decide to step up your body’s metabolic rate. Foods containing fiber and protein make the body work harder to process them, thereby increasing the rate of metabolism. Here, you get a list of Top 5 foods that you can ingest to achieve your goal.

Almonds: They are rich in fiber and protein which boost metabolism. Eating almonds often serves well to appease your hunger while adding more nutrients to your diet. They also contain essential fatty acids known to increase the body’s metabolism by reducing leptin levels.

Apples: Available in many varieties, they have high fiber and vitamin content that makes you feel full. The effort taken to process this fiber ends up increasing the metabolic rate.

Coffee, green and black tea: These drinks contain caffeine which helps in boosting metabolism. The caffeine in green tea stimulates the nervous system which in turn drives up the calories needed to break down the tea, increasing the metabolic rate.

Grapefruits: These fruits contain Vitamin C, galacturonic acid and fiber. The acid and the Vitamin have a special role in breaking down fat while the fiber keeps you full.

Lean meat: This may be chicken, beef or even turkey. Lean meat is very rich in protein, meaning that more effort is required to digest them and hence more calories are used in the process while the metabolic rate shoots up.

By all accounts, consuming a good combination of any of these foods can go a long way in increasing your overall metabolic rate.

One Of The Best Strength Training Program

Body Beast by Beachbody is a three phase workout routine designed to maximize gains in strength and size. Two-time Mr. Israel, clinical nutritionist, functional medicine expert, and Body Beast creator Sagi Kalev took a page from the old days of classic body building when superstars like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno were still dominating the circuit and gave it a modern twist.

This three phase program is designed to produce dramatic increases in strength and pure muscle mass through a series of progressive and drop set routines all while heavily focusing on an individual muscle groups each day.

It is within the pyramid or progressive sets and the negative or drop sets that Body Beast begins to set itself apart from the competition. This is not the Insanity workout. It is made to build mass and strength. So, do not look for similar results.

In many ways Body Beast is much harder than the P90x3 workout as it brings individual muscle groups to the point of failure maximizing its muscle building potential. The P90x3 workout tends to lean toward cardio and overall body weight fitness. Plain and simple, the Body Beast workout will increase your size and strength.

The use of progressive and drop sets ensure that each individual muscle group is hit from almost every angle possible making sure you are dramatically increasing your muscle building potential. The use of progressive and drop sets have been around since shortly after the Schwarzenegger era and have been used to much success by many top bodybuilders.

Body Beast puts the best of classic body building techniques together with the progressive and drop set routines of the post Schwarzenegger era into a cohesive total body workout. This combo has left many dedicated bodybuilders to praise Body Beast for producing results and not being just another scam.

There are few draw backs to the Body Beast routine by Beachbody, but there are some. There is a serious lack of stretching or limbering routines within the workout which is a very basic no-no in the workout world whether you are looking only to bulk up or not. Simply put, if you do not limber up before each workout and preferably afterwards, you are putting yourself at a great risk of injury. That being said, it would be easy to self insert a stretching routine into the Body Beast workout.

How to Truly Motivate Yourself In Workouts



Many people love to do workouts to maintain their body and to keep it fit, but there is always a struggle to do it especially when food or drinks comes or you get bored from consistently doing it. This information could help you motivate for your workouts.

These are the following list to help you truly motivate with your workouts:

Quality Reward – if you really want to get motivated with your fitness workouts, then you should get the quality reward every single time you reach your precious goal. All you have to do is to make a plan, make it happen and get a quality reward after reaching it. When you do that, you will be able to get your brain think that when you do those things or literally reached your goal, you will after get something after reaching it. Then, the urge to get that quality reward again would make you reach your workouts goal. It is just a matter of tricking your brain and make sure that the trick works for you, like if you really love a specific food or drink then never take it when you don’t reach your goal first. Make sure you control yourself and get it right after you really reached your goal, this will make you want to finish whatever your goal is without even thinking that your are getting something out of it.

working-outCommitment Contract – another way to motivate yourself is by commitment contract, it is a way of making contract by yourself or to your friend that you would do reach your goal in specific time or date. This will make your mind think that you have to do it not because you want to but you need to. It usually works to everyone because study shows that when a person is committed to do a thing with contract, they do commit whatever they said and would do the thing no matter what. Don’t forget to get a penalty when you cant reach it by paying through cash, remember that cash is still cash and every person would care for it, so use it as your weakness.

Look At The Positive Outlook – a positive outlook or overview of yourself when you reach your goal is another thing that would encourage you to reach your goal. When you enlighten yourself to the positive things that you will get when you do certain things, your mind would push you to do it and do it now. This is one of the things that would truly motivate a person, but it works when you do look at the positive side every time you feel tired of doing your workout.

Get Yourself Paid Every Reached Goal – another technique of truly motivating yourself is by getting paid every time you reach your goal. You can always do that when you do a list to reach your goal, literally do it and then get the best pay that would crave to have, so if you want to reach your goal and be successful. Then, try to make a list of your goal like minutes of workout and etc. after that treat yourself to what you wish to do because you deserve it.

But whatever you do, when you are not determined with your goal to do your fitness workout. Then you will never get to reach your goal no matter how many times you try, simply because you need to do it with your heart and mind, not just because you just need to but because you really want to.

A Review of the P90X3 Workout DVD 


A Review of the P90X3 Workout DVD

If you are looking for that workout video that will enhance your power, speed, and performance then look no further than the P90X3 Workout DVD that is available now. With this DVD you get not one, or two, but a combination of three workouts that are guaranteed to take your body to the next level of an elitist. On top of all this you get a free gift. For more information please continue with the article about P90x3 Review .

Three Elite Workouts to take you to turn your body into an elite:

  • The Complex Upper Body Workout is 30 minutes that features explosive movements and alternating weight resistance which will enable you to achieve upper body strength and power to the uttermost. This workout features four rounds of five exercises: From X Plyo Push Ups, Slow Mo Chin Ups, W Pull Ups, Lunge Thrust Press, and finally the Push up Bird Dog Crunch.
  • The Complex Lower Body Workout is based on the science of the Post Activation Potentiation which are complex training moves that are guaranteed to turn your body into a fast and lean strong machine-and all in a matter of 30 minutes. Another four rounds of five exercises: The Knee drop squats, bending split squats, Triple Speed Skater, and DS Double L, and The Stabilizer. Because it is only 30 minutes there is no Burnout Round.
  • The X3 Ab Ripper is one intense trunk burner that is exclusively for those moments when your workout routine needs to be taken to the next level in an effort to give you the most ripped six-pack you have ever seen.

The Free Gift for your purchase:

In addition to the half hour workout that comes in three installments you get a personal gift for your order-a free Elite Block Workout Calendar that is designed to help you achieve elitist results with its easy-to-follow training schedule.

The Consumer Reviews of the P90X3:

Upon being asked if the P90X3 DVD workout video was worth the money many of the reviewers reported that it definitely was. The workout video is by far cheaper than joining a gym and you get some serious complex workouts in the process and all within a half an hour time frame too. This video is good for young and old. One middle aged woman said she was going to start referring to herself as a DVD athlete. Hey maybe the Internet will become a sport if it keeps going at this rate.

The Consumers also reported that the P90X3 workout DVD was very efficient and fast. These are two qualities that people look for in the fast-paced world that we live in these days. The workout is only half an hour so you can still work in another 20 -30 minutes of some mindful meditation and get some mental exercise to keep your life in balance which will keep you healthy and alive for decades to come. Programs and DVD’s like the P90X3 and the Internet may be the new fountain of youth. Please see fitnessrocks.org for more online workout dvd reviews.  It’s my go to site as they seem to stay on top of what’s new and working.

You Can Never Get it Anywhere: An Honest Focus T25 Review


What Is Focus T25?

This is a short workout program created to deliver one hour’s result in merely 25 minutes a day. Focus T25 is increasingly becoming popular the way it’s changing majority of people’s lives. This amazing program is marketed by Beachbody, and was created by Shaun T who’s the creator of another extremely effective Beachbody workout program known as Insanity.

Whilst it’s a general belief longer workouts offer better results, major research have established that the shorter workouts are more successful. 30-minute training may just be as effectual at burning fat and even more effective compared to 60 minutes of excessive exercise. Therefore Shaun T spent over one year in creating a new program, established hundreds of new moves and experimented sequences, trial and error so as to perfect the critical time-saving workout.

In this Focus T25 Review, you’re going to learn how the product works, who can do it together with its advantages and disadvantages.

focus-T25-reviewHow it works

The secret behind the program is Focus Interval Training (FIT). You are going to be working out one muscle group, at a time, you work it to exhaustion, and when you can now barely perform one more rep, then you tackle another muscle group. The sequence then continues to another. This encompasses pure intensity workout, with no rest for those 25 minutes that targets the glutes to shoulders, biceps to obliques, and your abs to squads.

This workout is divided into 2 phases: The Alpha Cycle, and the Beta Cycle.

Alpha Cycle: The phase is the basic stage that lasts for five minutes. It normally focuses on workouts like speed 1.0, cardio, ab intervals, stretch, total body circuit, and lower focus. The workouts include also modifiers so anyone may perform it regardless of fitness level.

Beta Cycle: The next five minutes of this program, you’ll perform core cardio, rip’t circuit, dynamic score, speed 2.0, upper focus and stretch.

I really love this review by eric at fitness rocks that gives his own personal experience behind, providing tips about what to look for and what to expect. I real good guy and a great source.

Who Can Do It?

Whilst anyone may do it, the workout intensity is quite high, and might not be perfect for beginners, or people who have not been performing before any exercise program. Though it offers modifiers so anyone may catch up easily, when you have physical limitations or you are a beginner, have injury or you have recently just recovered from one, it’s recommended you first consult your doctor, or your healthcare provider to seek advice. This is also an ideal system to people who need to get, or stay fit though don’t have time for workout.


This Focus T25 Review also promised you its benefits and disadvantages. Here are they:


Time-efficient: It’s easier committing to 25-minute workout compared to normal 60-minute routines. And you are promised better results!

Total body transformation: It’s more than cardio workout. These exercises focus on all your muscle groups and the result is toned arms, thighs, abs, butt and entire fitness.

Modifier: It helps you get the moves properly done with availability of modifiers. Perfect for all fitness levels.


Intensity: It’s extremely intense, and for those 25 minutes you are going to sweat rigorously without a rest.


This honest Focus T25 Review highly recommends this workout program because it’s a high-intensity program that has achieved significant results to several people.

3 Extreme Cardio Workouts To Do Without Equipment

Time and time again, debate is always raging on the best types of cardio to enable one reach their ultimate fitness levels. However with this going on many are confused and do not go to the gym altogether. In this case leaving the debate behind, there are some types of cardio workouts that will totally give you the advantage over anyone else regardless of whether they are in the gym or workout hours on end.



This is the best type of Extreme cardio workouts that has ever been created by man. Since it is extreme you are sure to get what you want in an exercise in a record time. With this type of workout ensure you have some free space before you start working out. Start with your right leg rigidly on the ground and your left leg a little bit ahead of your whole body. With your hands curved at the elbow, clench a fist. Depending on which hand you are most comfortable with, through a punch into the air alternating it with the other hand. This is where the tricky part comes in and you have to throw a kick using your left leg to the air and as high as you can. Do this and change sides after 30 reps. Do this for 20 minutes to 30 minutes for effective workout. It is good to note that 10 minutes of kickboxing burns 100 calories.

Mountain climbers

This is yet another of the extreme cardio workouts you can do at home. Using a lower bench or a chair, ensure that it is firmly on the ground or next to a wall or a rigid place for support. Start by leaning onto it and placing your hands onto the lowered place as if you are in a 45 degrees angle from the ground. In this case start by running your knees in and out towards your body. Do this for about 30 sec and stop for 10 sec and repeat for 10 minutes. This extreme workout taxes the wrist and the legs. However you are assured of building and strengthening your muscles and burning overall fat in your body.


Squat Jump

This is basically what can be called the extreme cardio workouts you can ever do. In this case start in a squatting position and jump as high as you can then returning back to the squatting position. Do this 10 times and rest for 1 minute before doing this again. Do this for 8-10 times. This will increase your heart rate. Increase your legs power, burn calories in the 100 to ensure that you reach your goals fast. However this should be done with those who do not have balance issues as falling and hurting oneself is quite easy. On the other hand ensure that you remove all other risky items from near you for safety reasons.With these 3 workouts, you are sure to cut the time you need to either lose weight or get ripped in more than a half. However since they are strenuous to do, you have the will to do them.